Data? Insight?

That's what we live for.

Iobyte Solutions is a renowned data solutions partner that provides effective data acquisition and reporting tools through the creative and intelligent use of technology.

Automate the Hard Stuff

Companies have ever-increasing access to more and more data from suppliers, retailers, partners, customers and many other sources. Just gathering all this data takes people and time and is still hard to do well consistently.

Iobyte solves all this with a set of data acquisition tools. We automate these tasks and ensure consistent delivery of clean data. We can even help find relevent data sources you didn't know existed.

With Iobyte tools you can pull point-of-sale data from retailer portals. You can monitor competitor prices on thousands of products across dozens of retail sites in multiple countries. You can continually refresh any type of public data.

We currently support acquisition of millions of data points per day. Find out how we can help you.

See Data Intuitively

Iobyte has built sales reporting tools for the publishing industry that have completely changed how the largest companies use data. These tools have exposed the value of data to all corners of the organizations, enabling every department to quantify the value of what they do.

Using these techniques and drawing on vast experience with analytics and measurement strategy, Iobyte can rapidly deploy information dashboards that make sense. Find out more.

Protect Your Property

Iobyte has just added IP Hawk, a new tool designed to address a growing problem of intellectual property rights infringment on digital retail, marketplace and document sharing platforms. Some of these sites do not do a sufficent job of protecting your property so we can help close this gap.

With IP Hawk, publishers can search online marketplaces for suspected pirated copies of their products, allowing for almost immediate discovery and action.